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Can a whole house air purifier help prevent airborne viruses?

Sacramento, CA, April 24, 2020 – Some Sacramento area residents are installing whole-house air purifier to limit the spread of pathogens inside their homes as well as to improve indoor air quality.

A whole-house air purification system can help prevent the spread of known diseases such as E.coli, MSRA, and C.DIFF, among others.

Independent lab testing has shown that a process called “Bi-polar Ionization” can significantly reduce a variety of pathogens and viruses in the breathing zone. Pathogens on hard, non-porous surfaces are also rendered inert by the technology.

A Bi-polar Ionization device uses the same technology as nature to rid the air of harmful pathogens, dust, and smoke, and other unwanted contaminants. “Air purifier can literally make the pathogen fall out of the air. They’re very effective,” says Salina Walters, a Sacramento resident, who swears by them.

While restricting the spread of contaminants is on everybody’s mind, remember we are breathing indoor air a lot more throughout the day. Some air purifiers attach directly onto your HVAC system to ensure that your whole air supply stays clean, not just the room that you place it in. With people working from home, it’s very important to make sure that air quality inside your home is simply the best it can be.

Ron Waldon, an owner at NRG Pros Roofing Company, a Sacramento home improvement company says that “The cost of ownership is demonstrably less than other options. The Air purifier devices install easily in any air conditioning or heating system and their self-cleaning design ensures that the units are maintenance-free for most of their life.”

Consumers interested in installing one in their home should be aware that Ionic air filtration does not remove 100% of viruses and airborne germs, but some units are tested at a rating of 99.9% – so they get pretty close. The benefit of removing other harmful chemicals, household cleaning agents and sprays to keep your home environment contaminant-free is worth the cost.

Homeowners who may be interested in learning more about home purification systems can learn more on the NRG Pros website. For a limited time, NRG Pros is including a free home purification system with all qualifying new roof or windows installations.


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