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silicone roof coating


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Commercial roof coating silicone sacramento White Roof

commercial roof coating silicone sacramento

There are many reasons the silicone roof coatings are one of the most popular chemistry type in the roofing industry. They can restore and protect a wide variety of commercial roofing They make a great solution to restore and protect a wide variety of commercial roofing substrates including metal, modified bitumen, single-ply, EPDM, TPO, built-up roofs, concrete roof decks, and spray polyurethane foam.

Here are some Pros of Silicone Roof Coatings:


Resistance to Ponding: One of the best benefits about a silicone roof coating is that it has been shown to resist ponding water. With this resistance, you can avoid additional damage from occurring from heavy rains and storms which could end up in expensive repairs down the line if left unchecked

Ponding occurs when moisture seeps into cracks between tiles or panels on your home’s exterior surface causing them durability issues over time because they’re not designed for all those extra pounds put onto their design parameters by excess liquid absorption

Protection from the Sun (UV Rays): With a silicone roof coating, facility managers and property owners can save thousands of dollars by cutting their facilities’ cooling costs during the warm summer months as the silicone coating can block between 80-90% of the suns UV Rays They also reduce HVAC system workloads to make it easier on them! Silicone coatings are durable; they won’t degrade or crack from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. They also erode much slower than other elastomeric coatings without becoming too brittle and hard, so you can be sure your coating will last as long!

They hold up in all weather: The silicone roof coating is a flexible, monolithic and impermeable membrane that can withstand wind driven sand or extreme temperatures. It will also combine with natural expansion/contraction in large roofs structure without showing any signs of wear over time!

High Solids Content: With a high-solids content, modern silicone coatings can be applied more quickly and efficiently than those with lower solids. This not only reduces the amount of material needed during application but also helps save time on labor costs without compromising workmanship or integrity in our systems!

Environmentally Safe: Silicone coatings are the environmentally friendly choice, but high-solids formulations have extra benefits. Most of today’s Silicon Coats can be applied without solvents and contain very little VOCs which make them safe to use in all 50 states!

silicone roofing

While there are a ton of reasons to go with Commercial or Residential Silicone Roofing Coating, there are usually pros and cons with everything. Here are some cons or at least things you need to be aware of if deciding on going with silicone:


Can Get Dirty: The silicone coating on your roof can become dirty and dusty over time, which causes it to lose its reflective properties. The gradual build-up of dirt/dust makes the system more susceptible to heat from sun light – negatively impacting cooling costs as well as internal building temperatures! We recommend pressure washing a silicone coating system 6-12 months after it’s been installed to remove any dirt accumulation. This typically eliminates the problem of stubborn grime and smudges, which can otherwise accumulate on your home’s surfaces if left unchecked for too long!

Tough to Spray: If you are planning on applying a silicone reroofing coating, it’s important that the application equipment is cleaned and maintained. If not there could be problems during installation process which may lead to delays in project completion or increased costs due improper workmanship!

Slippery When Wet: The use of silicone coatings can make surfaces very slippery! Be careful when foot traffic is expected and always wear footwear that has grip or traction. You should also mark off designated pedestrian areas to avoid any accidents and can add various slip resistant surfaces for walkways

Silicone roof coatings White Roof

silicone roof coatings

Silicone roof coatings are an excellent choice for commercial roofs. They provide many benefits, including increased sustainability and water resistance that make them perfect in any environment where high quality is required but not compromised by other factors such as cost or availability!

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best Sacramento Silicone Roofing coating system – from type all the way down to performance.

Interested to discover if Silicone Roof Repair Coatings are right for you? Contact one of our experts and we can help guide you to the roof type that will benefit your property and situation!

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