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Commercial Roofing


We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of business.


Our longstanding relationships with manufacturers allows us to provide the best warranties available today


We offer $0 down, rebates, and affordable payment plans for any budget to make your project a reality


With over twenty years of expert knowledge in the industry NRG Pros is able to provide a seamless installation experience


We are committed to using only the highest quality materials for your project


If you’re looking for a Roofing Contractor, get in touch with us. We provide the best contractors that can possibly be found throughout all of Sacramento! Our team has dedicated their lives to ensuring your home is always safe and secure so we will take care of it like our own business even if that means doing things right or fixing minor damages before they become big problems down the road

Areas Serviced: NRG Pros offers competitive rates on roof replacements, roof repairs, new roof installations, as well as emergency services when damage or leaks occur. We serve the greater Sacramento area including Roseville, Elk Grove, Lincoln, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, and Rancho Cordova. We strive to be the best commercial roofing contractors Sacramento ca has to offer!

Quality roofing services are a phone call away. Our team has been trained with the latest tools and skills to not only provide you with the best practices, but also ensure the longest lasting and highest quality. We stand by our products and our technicians skills. Our services are not only limited to residential projects, as we are also a commercial roofing contractor. From Roofing. to Windows installation and Solar roofing, we have you covered whether you are a home or a business.

We are proud to have a wide variety of North Highlands Commercial Roofing options for you. We will thoroughly inspect the property before providing an estimate, so that our report reflects only accurate information about any potential damages or problems with your building’s current roofing system. Once this assessment has been made it’s time to choose which method best suits what needs! Our friendly and knowledgably staff will walk you through the process and show you exactly what your options are and the best fit for your location and business. We have many options available to you and many ways in which we can ensure that you can afford the work done. We even offer financing! Things happen, especially in hard times and it seems that sometimes when it rains it pours! But with an NRG roof you can be sure that we will have you covered!

Sacramento's #1 Commercial Roofing Company

It’s not a secret that commercial roofs suffer from the wear and tear of weather. In order to ensure your business can continue operating as usual, it is imperative you make time for regular repairs on these critical assets with our company! If it has been a while since your roof has been inspected you may want to give us a call as we are Sacramento’s premier Commercial Roofing Company. Sometimes small meniscal issues can turn into big problems over time without proper attention. We are your best bet when needing a Commercial Roofing Contractor Sacramento CA and surrounding cities!

When needing Commercial Roofing Sacramento or neighboring cities, NRG Pros can help! Whether it is repair, maintenance, or new installation we have you covered.

Roofs can start to curl up in 5-10 years and that is your sign to get in touch with us. A steady roof is essential especially when the planet earth’s destruction due to climate change and steady weather. A good quality roof can last for more than 20 years before needing repairs or replacement. But each roof is different and not all Commercial Roofing repair Sacramento Companies are the same. Soo don’t wait any longer – call today so we can show you how we separate ourselves from the field!

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Commercial roofing Sacramento

Nrg-Pros is one of the most trusted companies in Sacramento for commercial roofing. We’ve installed new roofs and complex systems, applied waterproofing to older buildings like yours too! No matter what your needs are – we can help you out with them all at competitive prices because that’s how our team works: by putting customers first before anything else.

We know that your roof isn’t something you want to spend a lot of time thinking about. That’s why our commercial experts will stay on top of every new product and installation method for you, so after an inspection from NRG-Pros there won’t be anything left unanswered in this conversation! We’ll discuss all options available with their pros or cons laid out before making sure details get covered during these decisions which allow our customers the confidence and knowledge to make informed choices that works best for them and their project.

The need for professional Sacramento commercial roofing expertise becomes more and more important over time as the effects of seasonal weather on roofs become increasingly destructive. Rooftops in this city face extreme shifts from months filled with rain or soggy conditions to hot, dry summers that can wreak havoc not just physically but also financially due to poor performance caused by consistent changes such as leaks & gaps around penetrations; these factors increase vulnerability exponentially if left unaddressed before they worsen beyond repair.

Nrg-Pros‘s commercial roofers are the best in town. Whether you want waterproofing, flat roofs for business or home…we got it all! As an expert contractor, using only the best possible products, we take pride with how well our team installs them and with our expert installation and repair, as well as the quality products we use, you can rest assured that your roof will last a very long time. Our goal has always been to build a quality reputation for excellence, within the city of Sacramento and the surrounding areas, that is synonymous with unparalleled service and the best commercial roofing around. Our reviews and awards showcase our desire and effort in building this reputation. We can help waterproof, replace, or maintain your commercial roof to ensure that your roof stays in pristine condition and it braves the weather changes we experience yearly!

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